Sunday 10:30 a.m.


God Calls Us

Call to Worship
A verbal calling together of the congregation to the public worship of God as patterned by God’s initiation of revealing Himself and calling His people to Him
(Ps 145:18; Is 57:15a; Hab 2:20; Mal 1:11; Jn 4:24; Rom 12:1; Heb 11:6; Rev 4:11; Ps 95:6-7a; 124:8)

Prayer of Invocation
This is a prayer invoking the Lord’s presence. This is calling on God for blessing, help, inspiration, protection, etc

Singing of God's Praises
This is a joyful time to praise and thank God for calling us to gather in His name in order to worship Him. (Ps 95:1-2; Ps 100:1-2; Ps 150:1)


God Restores Us

Confession of Sin
Silent Confession
God’s grace is seen here. As we think about we have disobeyed God’s Word, we confess our sins
(repent), and the Holy Spirit sanctifies us.

Song of Adoration
We respond with adoration to our gracious, merciful and loving God for delivering us from our sin.


God Hears Us

Confession of Faith
We join with the saints through church history in some of the great truths of the Bible.

Prayers of God’s People
This is a time of intercessory (prayer for others) prayer.


God Speaks to Us

Scripture readings
"Give attention to the public reading of Scripture” ~ (1Tim 4:13).

Song of Preparation
This song should prepare our hearts for hearing the sermon about to be preached.

Receiving of Tithes and Offerings
Giving tithes and offerings is an act of worship.
(Phil 4:18; 1Cor 1-2; 2Cor 8-9; Rom 12:1-2)

The Word of God is shared.

Song of Response
Joyfully praise and thank God for the Word of God that has been shared.


God Sends Us


Give God all the glory for the great things He has done.

This is a blessing.