Christian Education



PLEASE NOTE: Our Sunday School classes are on break until after Labor Day. Below are the class descriptions and locations for last Winter, just FYI.

Twos and Threes
Study Topic: God’s Family
Teachers: Jill Sobon, Stephanie Stocker and Jamie Ellis
Location: Garden Room (downstairs on left)

Study Topic: God Leads His People
Teachers: Leigh Tsipis and Jay Herbert
Location: Fireside Room (downstairs on right)

Kindergarten -2nd Grade
Study Topic: Obeying God
Teachers: Alice Mar and Alison Cowley
Location: Cornerstone Room (downstairs, through the Fellowship Hall, to the left of the stage)

3rd-5th Grades
Study Topic:  How Majestic is Your Name (The Names of God)
Teachers: Clint and Amanda ZumBrunnen
Location: Narnia Room (up first flight of stairs in the Tower)  

6th-8th Grades
Study Topic: So What? A Study of John 11-21
Teachers: Steve Clarke and Humphrey Mar
Location: Teen Lounge (through the sanctuary, through door on left, upstairsabove Billy’s Office)

High School Boys
Study Topic: Hebrews
Teachers: Thomas Ellis and Rusty Burch
Location: Hutchens Room (off of the Narthex, on the right)

High School Girls
(meet with Women’s Class – see below)



Study Topic: Tim Keller's study on Romans 1-7 - For You
Coordinators: Melynda Boyce and Sandy Langley
Location: Women’s Sunday School Room (downstairs to left, just before Fellowship Hall)

Tim Keller's study, Romans 1-7 for You(and then the second volume on 8-16):
1. January 24, "Introducing the Gospel" Romans 1:1-17, Sandra Langley
2. January 31, "The Pagans Need the Gospel" 1:18-32, Jill Sobon
3. February 7, "The Religious Need the Gospel" (Part One), 2:1-16, Melynda Boyce
4. February 14, "The Religious Need the Gospel" (Part Two) 2:17-29, Diane Webster
5. February 21, "Everyone Needs the Gospel" 3:1-20, Taylor Giroux
6. February 28, "A Diamond on a Black Cloth" 3:21-31, Sarah Hasford
7. March 6, "When Justification Started" 4:1-25, Amy Bristol
8. March 13, "What Justification Brings" 5:1-11, Jamie Hahn Ellis


Study Topic: Exodus
Location: Fellowship Hall (Downstairs)


MIXED - Adult Study (Men and Women)
Study Topic: finishing "Pleasing God" by Dr. R.C. Sproul, Sr.
Teacher: Bob Mattes
Location: Sanctuary